WWII History
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Current Issue April 2014


An American Betrayal
Some historians write of a U.S. miscalculation of the Soviets resulting in the descent of the Iron Curtain across Europe.
By William Weidner

Flak Was Our Worst Enemy
Wilbur "Bib" Bowers flew bombing missions with the Eighth Air Force and witnessed aerial combat and other significant events firsthand.
By Richard A. Beranty

Palermo Captured
Axis civilians cheered the soldiers of Patton's Seventh Army as they rolled into the largest enemy city captured up to that time.
By Kevin M. Hymel

Drive to the Don
In late 1941, a German thrust toward the city of Rostov and the River Don was blunted by strong Soviet counterattacks.
By Pat McTaggart

Death of Himmler's Henchman
The ruthless Reinhard Heydrich, responsible for the murder of many, was himself assassinated in Prague in the spring of 1942.
By Richard Rule


A physician predicted Roosevelt's death in office.

The workhorse fighter aircraft of the Japanese Army Air Force, the Nakajima Ki-43 Hyabusa, served throughout World War II.

Nicholas Horthy, regent of Hungary, the vaunted admiral without a fleet, was much more than that.

Top Secret
An anthropologist led operations against the Japanese on the world's third largest island.

Hollywood director John Ford brought unique talent to the film interpretation of World War II.

The U.S. Army carried a large combat burden during the War in the Pacific.

Simulation Gaming
The Panzer General franchise continues with a free-to-play online game, and Men of War returns with more strategic WWII action.